A New You - the Easier Weight Loss Program

Here’s the secret to losing 3-5 pounds and recharging your health in just 7 days…
(No diets, pills, or deprivation allowed.)

with Dawn Palacios, RD
Registered Dietitian

Introducing A New You, the Easier Weight Loss Program –

A balanced-eating program designed by a Registered Dietitian to jumpstart your weight loss, increase your energy, and boost your confidence!

Here's what clients are saying about coaching with me:

" Dawn - in just 7 days, I'm down 6 pounds, have the energy to play with my kids after work, and no longer feel so exhausted that I need endless cups of coffee to get through my day." ~ Sarah

"I dropped my cholesterol from 255 to 195. And, I'm down 15 pounds! I'm thrilled Dawn!"~Debbie

" I feel fantastic Dawn and have the energy to do everything I love to do. Plus, I lost those final 10 pounds and didn't have to starve myself."~ Tonya

Hi, I'm Dawn. If you're struggling with your weight, energy, and stress, I understand. I've been there too (ugghhh....menopause!)

The thing is, after diving into all the research, I discovered how to the drop the weight for good, boost my energy, and have greater confidence, (without feeling deprived or hungry all the time).

And, for the past 15+ years as a Registered Dietitian, I've applied these same principles coaching hundreds of women to lose weight too, (without giving up their favorite foods).

It's your time to thrive in 2022!

Your investment: $597

ONLY:    $397

Here's What You Get

Your 30-Day Package includes:

  • *1 week prep session – This Pre-Session gives you the tools to start cleaning up your kitchen cabinets, refrigerator & overall food selections!  With this Pre-Session, you will gradually be able to start making changes so on Day 1 of A New You – you’re ready to roll! 


  • *Two 30-minute virtual coaching sessions with Dawn – to review your custom plan and personal weight loss goals, (via Zoom). 


  • *Personal Calorie Assessment (weekly):The nutritional component of  this program allows individual attention to your caloric needs and is analyzed for your individual weight loss/maintenance goals. 


  • *Personalized Macronutrient Assessment: Get educated & coached on how to eat balanced protein, fat & carbs, (without giving up all your favorite foods)


  •  *Food Logging: You will log your food daily using an online program.


  • *2 Sample Meal Plans with Snacks – Recipes for Tasty, Energizing Meals and Snacks


  • *30-Days of Daily Food Log Reviews – with my feedback for adjustments and tips.


  • *BONUS 30-minute virtual session with personal trainer Paul Holubets. Paul will review your current exercise routine and give you tips and guidance for a  custom plan to reach your goals. 

Able to view plan on computer or mobile device, via app. All coaching sessions are virtual and can be done from anywhere.