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90-Day Complete Reboot

*30-minute initial appointment
*60-minute results review appointment
*6-15 minute follow-up appointments
*GI Map test
*MRT Food Sensitivity
*Micronutrient test
*All appointments are virtual and can be done from anywhere.

90-Day Complete Reboot

True Health Starts Here
You’ve been everywhere. You’ve seen everyone. You still have no answers. You’ll want the complete Reboot package. You’ll get three months with me. We’ll meet twice a month, virtually. You’ll also get three of the most cutting-edge functional lab tests available and meal plans with recipes and grocery lists. Answers found here.

30-Day Jumpstart (for new clients)

*30-minute initial video appointment to review your health history, current symptoms, health challenges, medications, and supplements.
*1 Lab Test (Possible labs included MRT, GI Map, Micronutrient test, Adrenal stress test, Cardiometabolic profile)
*60-minute results review video consultation
*Follow-up email support for 30 days.
*1-follow-up 30-minute video consultation
*Supplement protocol recommendations for healing, if needed
*14-day meal plan with recipes and grocery list, customized to support your needs and goals. 

30-Day Jumpstart

Let's Do It!
Work with me for 14-days. Following your initial appointment with me, the right functional labs will be recommended and I will order them for you (lab fees separate, and not included).

Ultimate Reset (for existing clients only)

*3, 30-minute follow-up video consultations.
*Adjustments to supplement protocol recommendations for healing, as needed.
*14-day Custom Meal Plan with recipes and grocery list, created to support your needs and goals (includes customized recipes with all of your food allergy/sensitivities removed).
*Unlimited email support for 30 days.
*Recommended labs based on our initial call if needed, (purchased separately and ordered through me)
*Possible labs included MRT, GI Map, Micronutrient test, Adrenal stress test, Cardiometabolic profile. 

Ultimate 30-Day Reset (for existing clients only)

Let's Do It!
Do you have new health symptoms or challenge?
Feeling off track and in need of some personal 1:1 coaching with me?
Let’s help you reset and get back on track!

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Following our call, you’ll know exactly which package is right for you.

Intake Forms

After booking your package, you’ll fill out an intake form so I have all your information.


Once you’ve completed intake paperwork, you’ll schedule our first appointment together.