with Registered Dietitian, Dawn Palacios

Your health begins in your Gut.

Did you know, that your Gut is responsible for so many complex functions inside your body? And that if it’s not working at 100% it’s going to affect your entire #MOJO?

Are you feeling tired and going to sugar and caffeine?
Struggle with bloating or weight gain/loss issues?
Is your skin dry and hair brittle?. . .

I’ve been down that path. Having symptoms that make no sense, where I can’t make a connection. Suffering from lack of self-esteem, mood swings and acne. I thought that following a diet to lose weight would make things better. But the truth is that it didn’t.

A very wise man once said all diseases start from the gut. So, let’s figure out what’s affecting the center, the foundations of you’re the problem is not the problem, the problem is your attitude about it.

No more symptoms that are slowing you down, transform your body into the fat burning, goal crushing machine it was always meant to be.


As a Registered Dietitian, I like to take the overwhelm out of knowing what to do for more energy, and make it something that's easy for everyone, doesn't take a lot of time, and isn't just another diet.

Here's what some of my clients had to say after completing the 5 Day Gut Health Challenge:

▶ "My acid reflux is less prevalent, and I have less brain fog, which is great!" ~ John

▶ "The best thing was knowing exactly which foods to cut out that were causing me more distress than I knew!" ~ Karen

▶ "Absolutely life-changing. I can finally go to the bathroom without laxatives – no more constipation!" ~Joan

▶ “I’m not bloated, my energy is way up and I feel great!” ~Susan

▶ "No more stomach pains or surprise visits to rush to the bathroom 100% BETTER!"~ Helen

The 5 Day Gut Health Challenge will give you the simple tips you need to start taking the steps to a healthier and stronger gut.
This is not a diet.
This is a lifestyle overhaul where we discover what exactly is affecting your body and creating all the wacky symptoms you currently are suffering from.

Discover the importance of taking care of your gut. Remember, improvement starts from the inside – out!

Don't Wait - Get Started with the 5 Day Gut Health Challenge Today!