Your Quick and Easy Meals

with Registered Dietitian Dawn Palacios

We begin August 1st.

28 Days of Quick and Easy Meals
Anyone Can Make

Finally! A Real Solution to Take Back Control of Your Energy
and Start Living Life on Your Own Terms.

Many people I coach, often say they try diets, drink endless amounts of caffeine, or eat a lot of sugar to help them get through their day and get a lot done.

And, they're tired of the constant up and down yo-yo cycle, that doesn't really work for them.

What we've found is we have to get to the root cause of why they feel the way they do, and start helping them feel better, so they no longer feel tired all the time and tied to those things that didn't work, and they finally have the freedom to live life on their own terms.

It's time to stop struggling, end the exhaustion, and get back your oomph!

As a Registered Dietitian, I like to take the overwhelm out of planning and cooking meals for people, and make it something that's easy, doesn't take a lot of time, and isn't just another diet.

Does this sound familiar?

• Do you drink endless cups of coffee to get through the day?
• Stressed and craving sugar?
• Trying every fad diet to feel better?
• Taking vitamins and exercising, but still exhausted?
• Overwhelmed and not sure where to begin?

I will show you the exact strategies I use with the clients I coach to feel better, take back control of their energy, and live life on their own terms.

What if there was a way that you could get these results and finally find a solution to reach the goals you have once and for all?

Being able to make the right food and daily living tweaks means you must understand what your body is trying to tell you (no more guessing)!

It’s like putting on a new pair of glasses to see the secret code that was there all along.

The best part?

It can be easily learned by anyone, so you feel better and start living life on your own terms.

It’s time to end the confusion, and discover a real solution to reach the goals that you have once and for all!

“Dawn, the recipes are so yummy! My whole family loves them and I’m already feeling better” ~ Joanne
“The energy meals and snacks are so delicious. Even my husband and son devour them…I can’t keep them around the house”.  Kathy
“ Thank you for all the great tips . I finally feel like I got back my pep” ~Savannah

Your Quick and Easy Meals

On Sale for a Limited Time


*Complete 28-day meal plan

*Quick and Easy Meals eCookbook with recipes for all meals and snacks

*Weekly Live Class with Q & A (via private Zoom)

*Full video recording of all classes

*Step-by-step guide to easy food prep

*Tips for making it a lifestyle that works for you

*Restaurant dining tips

*Simple strategies for ending sugar cravings, for good

*An easy bedtime routine for better sleep

*Stress-reducing tips to stop the energy drain and boost your energy

*Tips to tap into your best energy zone so you can get more   done in less time

*Grocery list of energy-boosting foods

*Wind-down drink recipes to wake up feeling refreshed

*Bonus food prep videos for easy meals and snacks

Dawn's 30 Day Money Back 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I want to remove your risk from registering by putting my own money behind this course for you because I believe it contains everything you need to reach your goals. Go through the entire course, put it to work, without worrying if it’s worth it or not.
If, within 30 days of your original purchase date, you do not feel completely satisfied with this course, just write to me, and I’ll will gladly refund you the amount that you paid for this course.
Please Note: If after 30 days, you request a refund, your request will be denied. If you happen to re-register for the course a second time after receiving a refund, you will not be eligible for any future refunds on this course.