Savannah’s Story

Savannah lived since infancy with undiagnosed food sensitivities. She suffered throughout her entire childhood and teen years from multiple symptoms:  severe bloating, constipation, fatigue, hives, brain fog and sinus congestion. Her mother took her to countless doctors and specialists, whose only solution was over the counter medication to help her try to live with the symptoms. A year ago, her chiropractor, suggested she get in touch with me to discuss food sensitivity testing to determine if there was a connection between her symptoms and the foods she ate.

The MRT results revealed Savannah’s immune system was reactive to more than 20 different foods and chemicals. Once the triggers were identified, we removed them from her diet and mapped out a healing food plan.  Within the first few weeks her symptoms decreased significantly.  Now, just 8 months later Savannah is a healthy, radiant young woman attending college, traveling with her family, and having fun with her friends.  She says, “ I don’t feel deprived…I just learned to alter a recipe or make substitutions for foods. You can still cook & eat really good food…And, it’s worth it! I’m not bloated, my energy is way up and I feel great!”

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