How to grow your own food

Dreaming of picking your own fresh vine-ripened tomatoes this summer, but you don’t have a green thumb? Let me assuage your fears and show you the EASIEST way to grow your own food with an EarthBox.
The EarthBox® gardening system is a sub-irrigated planter whichl allows to grow a variety of vegetables, herbs, and fruit without having a traditional, in-ground garden.
Now that’s great news if you don’t have a yard or you live in Texas like we do and have a yard full of limestone!
So how does it work? Great question – it’s simple, and if I can do it, you can too!

Gardening 101: What’s THE EarthBox® Gardening System?
The EarthBox® gardening system allows plants to take water and nutrients when they are needed—with minimal maintenance by you.
By providing the plants with everything they need up front, and protecting their growing environment; they can grow rapidly and healthy—resulting in larger plants and increased crop yield.
There are four main components—the EarthBox® container, aeration screen, water fill tube, and mulch cover—proudly made in the USA from food-safe plastic; which is UV-stabilized to prevent fading and wear-and-tear, even with long-term sun exposure.  And, just like people, plants need the right food to grow big and healthy. The ideal blend of nutrients for plants to grow consists of three essential ingredients: growing media, dolomite, and fertilizer, which are included in a complete kit (it doesn’t get any easier y’all!)
We love EarthBoxes so much, we now have 8 in our Texas garden, filled with tomatoes, peppers, herbs, okra, Malibar spinach (which is great for our humid summers), green beans, and squash.
So, what are you waiting for? Grab your EarthBox kit and Go GrowSomething!
Article, adapted from excerpts on EarthBox blog