Gingerbread Loaf

This Gingerbread is just what your hot cocoa needs. Bite. Sip. Repeat!

Christmas without gingerbread? No thanks! 

And, thanks to my friends at Vital Proteins, this Healthier version on the classic recipe means I can one of my favorite treats anytime (sans guilt)!

The classic holiday loaf recipe is taken to new heights with this healthy, collagen-infused version. It’s sure to keep you warm all winter long!

Think creamer can only be used for coffee? Think again! Vital Proteins’ new Collagen Creamers are used in this delicious and healthy Paleo Collagen Holiday Loaf. Get your hands on your own Creamer here: 

If you haven’t tried Vital Proteins’ new delicious Collagen Creamers, you need to. I love them in my morning coffee and since they can be incorporated into any recipe your heart desires,  naturally a holiday loaf needed to be created.

Gingerbread cookies and loaves are a time-honored tradition for many cultures, including here in America, where the soft-baked loaves are more popular than the stiff variety used to make gingerbread houses.

Ginger root was considered by many ancient civilizations as a valuable commodity, as it helped disguise the flavor of preserved food. It has been used in different forms and various tonics to help support digestion and the immune system, which is why I drink my golden-ginger milk every night before bed (best sleep ever)!

Grab your collagen creamer here:

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